The portraits I have made

Here you find all the portraits I have made of my dear Maus or for others.
They are all hand painted from a photo and through a chromatic and compositional study I go on to create a work of art worthy of your beloved animal and the relationship between you and him/her.


The size varies according to your taste and according to the space on your walls. The large works are of greater impact, the smaller ones are more intimate and discreet, in any case they keep alive the love and the memory of your precious animals.


The intention of love does not change, only the pictorial technique. The effect is more delicate: compared to oil paintings the colors are softer.


The brush in this case is the mouse. Through dedicated software, I paint on the computer looking for that expressive power that your lovely animal has. I use a professional studio for a lambda print mounted on dibond or Leger, or print on canvas.

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All the portraits you see on this site are hand-painted in Bologna, Italy.