Why a portrait of an animal?

“Until you have loved an animal, a part of your soul will always be without light “. 
Anatole France

Our wonderful animals know how to give us pure and unconditional love.

The bond that develops with our faithful companions generates great emotional value. The glances with which they communicate their emotions to us creates a special relationship and fills us with presence and affection, it generates an extraordinary understanding.


Before I had Maus, I didn’t know that.
He is a dog that someone abandoned and that, after who knows how long wandering the beautiful hills of Bologna, arrived at the trattoria of my dear friend Stefania. That little white dog with those two black spots on his head, with that sweet and melancholic expression arrived one early summer’s day, under the large oak tree in front of the dining room of the trattoria. At that time I was doing a baking course at the trattoria and for me that wonderful little mutt was love at first sight. Maus stayed with Stefania for7 years, but when Stefania’s destiny took her to the other side of the world I could not help but adopt him. It would have been too long a trip for a timid little dog like Maus.

The love I have for him has made me want to portray dogs, cats, parrots and special living beings with sincere and profound expression.

I adore painting those faces and it will be a pleasure for me to create the portrait of your animal with passion and enthusiasm.

You can choose between:

Send me the photos of your loved ones that you like most and together we will find that most suitable to transform into a work of art.
Your beloved animal deserves it and for me it will be an honor to paint it.

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All the portraits you see on this site are hand-painted in Bologna, Italy.