Who am I?

I’m Gilla Dimer* and I paint because it’s the most beautiful thing I can do. I love the light that defines  shapes and I love the rich brush strokes of pure and vivid color. I focus very much on those gazes, on those immense eyes that stare at us, communicating in a direct and sincere way, there we find everything: character, proximity, emotion and exchange.

Animals are special, their natural motives govern their behavior and connect us with our deepest instinctive side.
Our affectionate animals accompany us in the important moments of our lives and they know how to listen beyond words.

I am artist, I use different mediums and I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. I always paint and I also teach painting.

Painting is an animal that is always hungry.

Malì Erotico‘ photo.

* It is my artist name that encapsulates the love I have for those who have been immensely dear to me and who will always be in my heart.

All the portraits you see on this site are hand-painted in Bologna in Italy.